I want to tell people about the beauty and joy in finding life's simple and small moments as something significant and important. The Gospel of Jesus Christ saturates everything. We can not separate ourselves from it. 

Because of this, the mundane becomes beautiful. The simple becomes intricate. It becomes intricate because there is so much more to what you are doing when you set your hands to work, to play, to create. Behind every action there is a 'why'. The 'why' is answered in this: as human beings, we were created to discover, to explore, produce and  to pull out beauty behind corner we encounter. This is how our Creator formed us-in His creative image. 

So, the mundane becomes a blessing, the simple becomes beautifully intricate, and our tasks are filled with joy because they have meaning. The work of your hands means something powerful. 

I have a section on each season here because I want you to see beauty and joy in the newly blossomed flowers in the Spring, to find the freshly fallen rain in the woods to be something life giving. I want to share my love of the crisp ever green at Christmas time, simply because it is rooted in strong tradition and love. It reminds me of days past and reminds me to live slowly, more mindfully. I want you to smile when you fold your freshly laundered sheets because they remind you of your childhood or a loved one. I want to evoke creativity within you as you seek to produce a new meal for loved ones or a fresh bouquet of flowers from the farmers market. I want this keen mindfulness to be incorporated into every breath you take. With this blog, I want homemaking to become an art. I want crafting and living to be inspiring and boasting of the graces of Christ. I want it to be exciting and life-giving because aesthetic is important. Look at the world around you! How could it not be? Creating a cozy  and inviting atmosphere is a good and wonderful thing. 

These simple things can breath so much life into your day. Joy is found when your heart is able to find gratitude in the daily rhythms of life. I like to think of this creative space as inspired by Annie Dillard and her famous quote: "How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives. What we do with this hour, and that one, is what we are doing."

Let's make it a good one.