Spring Cleaning: My Favorite Products

It's finally spring time! I want to shout that from every rooftop right now. I step outside and I honestly feel like crying from deep, deep joy. This was my first winter in New England and let's just say I feel like I was going through a college initiation into the Northern way of life. Whew. It was rough. BUT absolutely beautiful and it makes the spring and summer seasons so much more glorious. I love celebrating and ringing in new seasons. There is something about the welcoming of a new season that just gets me so giddy. Right now, it's the tiny, freshly blooming wildflowers in every yard just boasting about themselves as I drive by. They're everywhere and I adore it. It's opening our bedroom and living room windows, allowing that warm breeze to blow in as your cooking and cleaning, while the birds are chirping welcoming the spring time in just as you are. Spring is almost like the world waking up and beginning again. It's a celebration of new, fresh, revived life. 

Because of this excitment and newness of spring time, spring cleaning is a popular guest at this party. I love the idea of spring cleaning because like I said, as the world "begins again", we get a chance to revive, clean out, minamize, and refresh. It's so good for the soul, friend. If you just take an hour or two (or more!) to clean out, throw out, and scrub, you are giving yourself the atmossphere that is so hospitable to doing the same emotionaly, mentally and physically! So, clean out, minamize, go pick some flowers, stick em' in a fresh vase and plant em' on your freshly scrubbed kitchen table! 

In honor of springtime and the beloved spring cleaning, I've shared my recent favorites when it comes to cleaning everything. These guys are my go-to's. They all smell incredible, are pretty clean (for the most part) and safe to use on your surfaces. When I use them, our apartment just smells like spring time's here and feels so cozy, clean and inviting. I'd 10/10 reccomend all of them for your spring cleaning endeavors! 

 Cloroz Scentiva Bathroom Toilet Cleaning Gel (Lavender), Sals Suds Biodegradable Cleaner, Mrs. Meyers Lemon Vinegar Gel Cleaner. 

Cloroz Scentiva Bathroom Toilet Cleaning Gel (Lavender), Sals Suds Biodegradable Cleaner, Mrs. Meyers Lemon Vinegar Gel Cleaner. 


Okay, I've got to brag a little bit more about this one. Mrs. Meyer's is my best friend actually and I love every product that they have. The cleaning gel can be used on literally every surface. It smells amazing and gives it that incredible shine that we are all wanting when we wipe our kichen and bathroom surfaces. With the added vinegar, it really fights all the stains and gives it that extra cleaning power. 


However, I really have to say that this stuff is the all star out of all of them. Sal Suds has been around forever and has always been a knockout in the cleaning department. It's highly concentrated all-natural cleaner that is scented with fir and spruce essential oils. Guys...this powerful stuff can be used as laundrey detergent, clean a full sink of dishes (with 1 teaspoon!) and my personal favorite use, as an all purpose surface cleaner mixed with water. I use it on counter tops, bathroom surfaces and my wood tables. It's the best. 


Flour sack towels are quite amazing. Simple, and oh so useful. I keep one hung on my refergerator door to dry dishes and I keep one hung on my stove to wipe up water and to dry hands. They're versatile, minimal, and only $3.99 for three at Target! They are a must have for me. I'm a bit picky with decor/what is dislayed in my home and these towels make me happy every time I look at them because they make me feel like I am in an old French farmhouse. That's all I really want to do honestly...bake things in an old French farmhouse. Is that too much to ask? At least these flour sack towels help me get in that mindset.